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Green Technology and Built Asset Performance Projects

Climate crisis, fossil fuel emissions, greenhouse gasses and carbon neutrality. Phrases that are all too common these days as there is a growing understanding of the impact our choices are having on the world we live in. There is also a common perception that as this is a global problem the answers lie with ‘big corporations’ and the worlds largest countries. Not so. Whilst leaders across the world have a role to play we can all make a difference, particularly to our local environment.

In 2019 the Government of Jersey declared a ‘climate crisis’. This was followed at the end of the year by publication of the Carbon Neutrality Strategy aimed at outlining how we as a society can reduce our net carbon output to zero by 2030.

Green Technology covers a myriad of diverse technology designed to help reduce our carbon footprint and reduce our energy use by harvesting the natural energy around us and by cutting waste. HLG in partnership with T&G Structural Engineers and TNG Consulting Engineers can help you understand what technology is the best fit for your business or home and will lead you through the process from ‘concept to benefit’, realising you savings as well as reducing your impact on the environment

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