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You're one of the Team, and a very valuable player in the continued success of so many Thank you for all of your efforts to date." Chairman of Channel Islands-based group of consulting engineers.

By Chairman of Channel Islands-based group of consulting engineers.

This work is outstanding. I like that I can talk to you for 30 minutes and you can turn my brief requirements into something that absolutely fits what is wanted. Thank you so much

By Head of Procurement , £multi-billion Public-sector Regeneration Programme

You have worked on some of the most technically complex and demanding procurement opportunities on the London 2012 Programme, constantly succeeding in delivering results."

By Director of Procurement, London-based Public-Sector Client

The Report is excellent, clearly setting out the challenges and constraints associated with the programme; and giving us [as the client] options for how we proceed. Thanks very much

By Programme Director, Adaption / Reconfiguration Programme, London.

Thanks for all of your help to date. We would not have got this far without the continued support and counsel provided by Rupert and HLG

By Private residential developer, Jersey

The competition you have engineered and maintained throughout the procurement has helped us in ensuring we have selected a fantastic set of consultants for the Project. This will really advance the Project through its early feasibilitya nd designs tages

By Project Director, public sector project, Jersey
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