Project Management

Stakeholder Engagement

Many projects face challenges from the outset. Stakeholder engagement and management at an early stage is key to heading off critical challenges for your project. Our team have extensive experience in working with Government, lobby groups and other interested parties. Timely and open communication can often make sure your project proceeds as planned and to the satisfaction of those involved.

Program Management

“Time is Money” couldn’t be more applicable when managing a project program. Having clear milestones and targets makes sure your project is delivered on time and that when unavoidable delays are encountered, the impact is mitigated to minimise the risk of cost escalation.

Project Coordination

Projects require input from many professional service providers including Architects, Structural Engineers, Mechanical & Electrical Engineers, commonly referred to collectively as the Design Team. And, in most cases, work will be undertaken by a main contractor. Every team needs leadership and clear direction and our Project Managers play a key role in providing our clients with direct representation.

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No two projects are ever the same. All projects need careful planning, preparation, and execution. And above all, leadership, accountability, and governance.

Good project management will add value and provide direction and focus. Making sure that your project is completed on time and to budget will always be our priority.

At HLG, we have the experience and expertise to help you deliver your project commitments, no matter the size or complexity, sector, or scope. We can provide project director and leadership, project management, or Employer’s Agent services.

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